Everything at hand

Everything you need to enjoy an authentic beach vacation is at hand in Green 9: comfortable facilities, sports courts, a restaurant in the hotel and many nearby places to enjoy good food, a beautiful beach, swimming pool, 24 hour security hours and much more.


New products and services

Now you will have an unforgettable experience

  • Bike rental “CYCLA 9”
  • Rental of tents on the beach “CARPAS 9”
  • Ice cream sale Penguin
  • Our tropical cocktails at the Tiki Bar!



Green 9 offers the comfort you are looking for to have a good time and make your home away from home, with countless activities inside and outside the hotel for all ages and interests.

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Two swimming pools to delight yours and yours

Two relaxing outdoor pools with a comfortable schedule of 10h00 to 21h00, the ideal place to spend the afternoon, complement a delicious outlet to the sea, start the day or close the evening … an indisputable temptation (it never takes long before you you see enjoying it). The comfortable “lazy” offer hours of relaxation next to the pools. Towel service is included.

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Nearby Beaches

The ideal location

The beautiful beaches of Same are a few steps away from the hotel, with a visit to the beaches of Súa (where you can take sea tours to watch whales) and the Tonchigüe fishing beach.

Beach tent of Green 9

Enjoy the beach of Same, natural extension of the hotel, with all the comforts of the case. Green 9 has an exclusive space for guests on the beach in their tents with personalized assistance.

Un mercado de mariscos

Aprovecha la cocina de nuestros departamentos comprando los frutos de mar más frescos en el pequeño mercado de Same, o contrata una cocinera esmeraldeña para que te prepare variadas delicias locales.


Activities to keep you entertained and fit

Green 9 has everything for sports and relaxation … keep fit, have fun or find your beach tranquility.

Courts and Sports

If walking, jogging or doing yoga and aerobics on the beach is not your thing, ask at reception for a soccer ball, beach tennis rackets and even one of our kayaks to go rowing to the sea. We also have a beach volleyball court and tennis and golf courts.

Spa services

If you need to fight stress or simply look for a little pleasure, hire a relaxing massage therapy menu with exfoliants, natural essential oils and more, and take advantage of the whirlpool or a manicure / pedicure from the hand of our experts.