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Deportes de aventura en Esmeraldas
Come in contact with the great outdoors in Esmeraldas 1024 576Ñan - La revista de viajes del Ecuador

Come in contact with the great outdoors in Esmeraldas

Adventures for all tastes

Esmeraldas never disappoints. It seems to have been created to satisfy everyone’s spirit of adventure. Discover caves hidden beneath the high tide or waterfalls hidden among the lianas, rivers lost in a sea of mangroves and deserted solitary islands where your steps will feel like the first.


One of coastal Ecuador’s best biking routes begins right here in Green 9. You head west towards the very special Punta Galera, a scenic detour from the main highway south that runs 55 kilometers up and down a low elevation coastal mountain range, advancing to the shore itself, with several stops at picturesque fishing villages that invite you to explore, eat delicious food and get to know local livelihoods. You can visit several interesting beaches, beautiful viewpoints and reach Muisne to visit mangroves and explore the lonely and very special Isla Bonita.

Jogging on the beach

The extensive beach of Same is an excellent space to exercise your muscles early in the morning or as the sun sets… Our tents offer personal assistance and are located on the beach in case you need anything (also think yoga, meditation or any morning or evening exercise to decompress, as the the sea’s sacred breeze caresses your body).

Tennis and Golf

Take advantage of our well-appointed tennis courts, open from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm, at a cost of $ 8 per hour. Green 9, as our name suggests, also offers access to an excellent nine-hole golf course that awaits beginners and experts alike.

The rates go from 40/person all day.
Golf equipment: USD 15 / day
Golf cart: 30 USD / day
Golf lessons: 15 USD / person


Visit the highest mangroves in the world or discover a hole in the earth forest that emanates natural gas. Hikes to beautiful waterfalls or fabulous descents amid tropical forest, like the one that takes you to the magical beach of Caimito, await… excelent hiking for sure!


Mompiche is one of the best destinations in the country to learn to “surf”. You can take introductory classes, and even buy locally-shaped surfboards. Less than an hour from Green 9, start your surfing adventure and get to know one of the best waves in the country.

Viajar a Esmeraldas de vacaciones
Make Esmeraldas a part of your life! 1024 576Ñan - La revista de viajes del Ecuador

Make Esmeraldas a part of your life!

It is a small introduction to what we’ll be posting online, and we’re sure that while we’re at it, you fall in love with Esmeraldas as much as we have!

Make Esmeraldas a part of your life!

Only a couple of decades have passed since the first highways were built connecting the capital, Quito, to Esmeraldas, and since then, visiting the province to spend the holidays has become an important part of the lives of those who reside in the northern highlands.

It has always been a fabulous destination. With paradisiacal beaches, beautiful palm groves, small fishing villages full of personality and a tourism infrastructure that has little by little made it comfortable and fun to spend some time here.

It continues to be a place of great beauty, but we do little to really take advantage of how beautiful it actually is. This land is home to joyful people, excellent food, beautiful landscapes and great music. Esmeraldas is a land blessed with magnificent beaches, that is undeniable, but its nature is much more than just sand and sea. Beautiful tropical forests, dry forests, mangroves and uninhabited islets, rivers running along lush unexplored jungles that are among the most biodiverse in the world… Esmeraldas is truly special.

Getting to know this province better will fill whoever ventures into its glorious depths with unforgettable experiences. From seeing a whale breaching from the water or passing next to beautiful Blue-footed Boobies, visiting the mangroves, navigating rivers, getting to know the cultures that live in here, hunting for octopus along the rocks at low tide, listening to marimba ensembles, eating freshly caught prawns and cooking them in a delectable coconut and garlic sauce, strolling down lonely beaches, under the shade of tall, stoic palm trees… Esmeraldas is much more than meets the eye. And that, for us, is this province’s most precious treasure.

How do I make the best of my Esmeraldas vacation?

Some of you have maybe been visiting Esmeraldas for years. Many of our readers may visit us at Green 9 often and many have made their Esmeraldas vacation a staple of their yearly calendar. But Esmeraldas can become even more important in our lives. This provence can really have an impact as a true life-changing destination. We are sure of it. And some of you may be interested in knowing why.

The first thing you must do is “think outside the resort”. You have to get to these beaches with a little curiosity and desire to see and do something more than spend your time only taking advantage of the Green 9 facilities. The beaches of Same, where we are located, are beautiful. The facilities offer all the comforts you could wish for: a great pool, a great restaurant, sports courts for recreation… and you can always just do that. But making a plunge into the Esmeraldas heartland, so to speak, if it is something that interests you, is well worth exploring and will, undeniably, offer great experiences for you and your loved ones.

You could start by reserving one day (out of the five during which you stay with us) to explore… It’s a way, of course, to get to know yourself. Maybe you will realize that you really prefer staying near the pool (there are always those who don’t even like venturing off to the beach when they’re with us). But it could also happen that the adventure bug will bite you and you will crave to extend your visit to discover different corners of this marvelous province.

We, in any case, are interested in taking something more from this beautiful province than its beautiful sunsets, its beautiful beach days and the relaxed environment you find at Green 9. We would love for you to find that passion for Esmeraldas.

The province’s warm and generous people also really want you to visit and get to know their communities, forests, waterfalls… Their inlets, their seafood dishes, their rivers, their poems and songs make them proud. And we will be offering in our posts many reasons and options so that you can start filling your vacations with these special experiences, at your will and at your pace. Make Esmeraldas a part of your life at Green 9!