Beach tour

Beach tour


A few beaches of many suns, hidden between an endless horizon that sinks and refreshes the fiery shores of the province of Esmeraldas. Playa Escondida and Punta Galera will be the doors to discover the indomitable nature of the north of Ecuador.

We will embark on a wonderful adventure towardsHidden Beach,a small hidden bay at the mouth of the Malpelo river. We will discover a sanctuary of silence, full of peace and tranquility where surfers and divers can swim to the rhythm of the subtle movement of the waves and where we will observe a variety of birds.


We will be attentive to be able to sight the hundreds of pelicans, hummingbirds, frigates, parrots, parrots and, if we are lucky, the ospreys that escape the cold climate of the north.


Then, we will visit Punta Galera, a paradise that comes alive with the tireless movement of herons hunting, crabs sneaking between the sand and pelicans fluttering over the waves.

In Punta Galera, located where the coastline of Esmeraldas turns to the south, we can witness how the calm waters on one side are transformed into a rough and wild sea when crossing the point. Here, the beach belongs to the fishermen; then, on their shores, their boats rest and the shouts of enthusiasm are heard, while the fishermen leave with courage and hope towards the sea.


Price per person

Without lodging: $50
Package with lodging 2N-3D: $160

Watch Terms and Conditions

It includes

  • Transfer
  • Entrance to Playa Escondida
  • Visit Punta Galera
  • lunch
  • Drink (water)

DURATION: Desde las 9:30 hasta las 14:00

RECOMMENDATIONS: Use sunscreen, insect repellent, long pants, comfortable walking shoes or sandals to traverse wet areas.

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