Esmeraldas surprises your senses

Esmeraldas is a province that few take advantage of in all its dimensions, because only with its beaches, palm groves and delicious climate, one can already be content. But for those who have the adventurous vein, Green 9 invites you and encourages you to explore and know everything that this “green” land has to offer.

Nearby Beaches

Esmeraldas, a necklace of beautiful beaches

Green 9 is strategically located half an hour from many of the most paradisiac destinations. Do not hesitate to visit them, they offer much more than spectacular views and rest in the shade of a palm tree. Gastronomic delights, landscapes, viewpoints, whales, cultural experiences and unforgettable walks. Do not miss it!

Emerald Tours

Explore the green province with us

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A true experience of life

Humpback Whales from the southern Pacific Ocean reach our shores every summer to bask in our warm waters, and Green 9 is comfortably located just minutes from the landing that takes you to see these prodigies of nature up close, an unforgettable experience and completely unique They are, in general, very active during their stay in our country.

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Flora and fauna

Esmeraldas: An ever green and tropical land

From beautiful palm trees to a fruity mango, the province of Esmeraldas is an evergreen and tropical land where everything grows, where beautiful birds flutter everywhere and where you may even find yourself with an unforgettable howler monkey! Among such diversity, Esmeraldas is becoming a true natural destination of competition in the world of ecological tourism.
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