Hotels in Esmeraldas: what you should look for, for your ideal vacation

Hotels in Esmeraldas: what you should look for, for your ideal vacation 800 450

Close to all the fun

Green 9 is located in the Casa Blanca beach resort complex, on Km 12 of the Atacames-Muisne highway about an hour from the provincial capital of Esmeraldas, and at no distance from Atacames and Tonsupa, some of the favorite beaches for holidaymakers who seek a festive atmosphere, delicious food and a gentle sea to wade in until late afternoon.

Same (pronounced “sa-may”), the extensive beach that is just a five-minute walk from our suites, also has a spectacular cuisine, photogenic landscapes and a peaceful atmosphere that offers leisure, fun and relaxation.

This is a quiet area, with shops, restaurants and bars within walking distance and modern buildings that cover most requirements for travelers. Among the most requested is a pool, especially for children. Still, many accommodations in the area do not offer this perk. At Green 9, however, we put at your service two beautiful pools, well-lit in the evenings and open until 9:00 p.m.

Try Ecuador’s best ceviches

Something else missing in most accommodations is a kitchen with all the necessary utensils so that you can prepare your meals just as if you were at home. Each of our suites has basic appliances, including a microwave, coffee maker, sifters, juicers, cutlery and everything you need in order to prepare your meals, from simple snacks or breakfast to signature recipes. But if you prefer to treat yourself to lunch or dinner, you need only venture a few steps from your room.

Tikihouse is Green9’s restaurant, an open air, well-appointed option located within our complex. Here you will find some of Ecuador’s “favorite ceviches”, according to the opinion of all those who have tried them more than once. The menu also includes the most popular pizzas in the area, made by the talented chef Darío Sosa, who has more than 25 years’ experience in preparing this Italian delicacy.

No worries

After satisfying the heart and appetite with a true banquet, you can walk along the shore or rest in the shade at our ample blue tents or take advantage of our sporting facilities, a true privilege that is otherwise hard to come by in the area. In Green 9, we have a tennis court, a professional golf field and a minigolf area at your entire disposal.

And to close the afternoon or evening and share some time with your friends and loved ones, enjoy the exclusive programming of our cable television service, designed for movie-lovers and children, for rom-com fans and those who don’t want to miss the latest sporting competition or event.

Every detail in Green 9 has been thought out for your entire satisfaction and that is why during the days or weeks that you stay with us the only thing you have to truly think hard about is having a great time!

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